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I've been a travel writer specialising in 'Adventure Travel' for more than 25 years, ten years of which I was Adventure Travel Editor of The Telegraph.
In the process I have visited all seven continents and among many wilderness adventures have crossed the Hindu Kush and the Andes on horseback, crewed a Whitbread Round the World boat, habituated wild chimpanzees in Uganda, covered the Yukon Quest dog-sledding endurance race, cycled across America by bicycle, rafted the Franklin River in Tasmania, been cross-country paragliding in Brazil, trekked the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea and skydived with the Red Devils.
Last year I was lucky enough to both spend time with the great Ray Mears canoeing in Canada's Wabakimi wilderness and also performed a loop-the-loop in a Spitfire followed by a victory roll over RAF Tangmere, Douglas Bader's wartime airfield. A Boy's Own dream if ever there was one! Unbelievably, I also took the control stick for a few insane minutes and lived to tell the tale.
I have written and edited a clutch of outdoors magazines and co-wrote The Daily Telegraph Adventurous Traveller with Nigel Gifford O.B.E. From 2013-15, I wrote and filmed the muti-media Bush Telegraph column with my wife, Sarah, and I currently write a column about walking in the UK in between regular forays abroad. Next stop, the tiger sanctuaries of India....
The Telegraph:
Twitter: @BushMagic
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