Welcome to my website!


This is where you can find out a little more about me. Or if you've seen enough already, feel free to just click-and-go. (I haven't discovered the thingy that gives me stats yet, so you won't hurt my feelings as I'll never know we never met.)

The Menu up above says it all really. I'm a journalist and editor, a Blue Badge Tourist Guide, a writer of books (mostly in ghostly form) and I make short online films to go with my features, mostly about wildlife, walking, adventure and conservation.

As a kid I suffered from vertigo but I've spent much of the time since getting my kicks from defying gravity. I've spent a lot of time in wildernesses of various descriptions,most notably the African bush. I also love the UK, especially the area where I live in the South of England (a good thing really,I suppose).


I love walking. I love talking and walking. I love writing about walking. I love literature. I love history. I love animals. I'm a conservationist and I'm partial to a good knees-up whenever one's on offer.

That's it really.  How can I help?